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Transforming technical professionals into storytelling leaders

Transforming Tech Professionals into Storytelling Leaders

Master the Art of Storytelling to Inspire and Influence Your Audience.

Propel Your Tech Career with Effective Storytelling Skills

Storytelling impact during job search process.

Advance Your Career

Storytelling impact as you lead in your workplace..

Lead Your Workplace

Leverage storytelling at public speaking opportunities.

Speak Confidently

Ready to Shape Your Leadership Narrative?

Leadership storytelling transcends the everyday narratives we share with friends and family. The leadership aspect involves analyzing the pivotal moments in our lives and crafting unique narratives that deeply resonate with our audience, leaving a lasting impact. Your story has the power to change minds, inspire creativity, and much more!

David Ghodsizadeh, leadership storytelling coach and founder at Storytelling 4 Success.

My name is David Ghodsizadeh and I have been leveraging storytelling in my marketing career for more than a decade and coaching professionals since 2016. My coaching services provide professionals with a flexible framework to transform into storytelling leaders.


The four transformative elements of leadership storytelling, represented by the four butterfly wings, that I teach to my clients include:

  • Leadership Presence – Show up with authenticity, focus, and empathy.

  • Emotion ­­– Captivate and pull the audience into your story.

  • Strategy – The best stories are strategically delivered at the most opportune time and contain the right amount of content.

  • Structure – Stories must have a beginning, middle, and end for the audience to follow along. A story is not complete without a key takeaway, which enables the audience to reflect on their own experiences.

Leadership Storytelling in the workplace.

My Approach

Teach an efficient and scalable framework for telling powerful stories in the workplace.


Coach essential storytelling skills to improve leadership presence. 


Uncover secret opportunities to deliver tangible business results through storytelling.

Storyteller presenting in front of a group.


Fast-track your career advancement and personal development with in-demand leadership skills.

See immediate results and track progress through practice.

Strengthen public speaking and communication skills in the workplace.

A person writing notes on paper.


Let's discuss how my storytelling services could accelerate your career aspirations.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Develop Career-Building Storytelling Skills

For companies interested in employee coaching packages, please contact us.

Taking an online leadership storytelling course on a laptop.

Online Course

Independently learn and practice a proven process to build and deliver leadership stories.

Professional interacting with professional coach on a video call.

Private Virtual Coaching

Receive personalized feedback and guidance to help you craft stories for the workplace.

100+ Satisfied Coaching Clients

Colleagues talking in a staff meeting

Technical Professionals

Product Managers


R&D Managers

Technical Marketers

Sales Managers


Amazon, Ford Motor Company, Google, Kaiser Permanente, Meta,

Samsung Electronics

Executives talking in a meeting



Startup Founders




McKinsey & Company, Stripe, Stryker, Twitch, Xero


College students in a group




UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Public Speaker



“David's private coaching, recommended by a colleague, proved immensely valuable. He equipped me with a comprehensive framework for crafting compelling narratives that played a pivotal role in driving the success of our projects. If you're motivated to amplify your storytelling skills and deliver a greater impact, I wholeheartedly recommend his services."

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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