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Storyteller's Spotlight Newsletter on LinkedIn

#18 - Weigh Your Words, Don't Count

This lesson is for professionals aiming to be effective communicators. It doesn't matter how many words you say.

Communicating is not a counting contest and neither is storytelling.

#16 - Harnessing the Subtle Power of Leadership

If you've witnessed leaders misuse their power, this lesson is for you.

A Korean proverb shows why subtle leadership is like the moon's silent pull.

#14 - Knowing Which Story to Tell Makes All the Difference

Can you guess the #1 thing preventing professionals from telling more impactful leadership stories in the workplace?

➡️Not knowing which story to tell.

#12 - Even Monkeys Fall from Trees

It's time to bust the myth about perfection. This Korean proverb is a perfect reminder.

원숭이도 나무에서 떨어진다 – Weon-sungi-do namu-eh-seo ddeoleo-jinda

English Translation: Even monkeys fall from trees

#10 - Navigate Challenges with Narrative

In today's dynamic workplace, internal and external pressures are endless. We all strive for success, yet obstacles persist. For those in people management roles, team trust and cohesion are paramount to overcoming workplace challenges. Your team must act as one.

#8 - The Ripple Effect

There's a hidden power to our stories. Understand this power and it will unlock limitless leadership potential in your workplace.

#6 - Engineering Your Way to Relaxation

Your ability to deliver an impactful story hinges on cultivating a mind that radiates clarity, calmness, and razor-sharp focus. A body shackled by tension struggles to find the freedom of relaxation. 

#4 - Capturing Attention

In a world filled with noise, your storytelling presence is essential to capture and maintain your audience's attention. When you show up fully, you create a magnetic presence that draws people in. 

#2 - Show Up and Be Present

Remember that saying, "Showing up is half the battle". Well, there's truth behind it. As a storyteller, showing up means intentionally shifting your focus and attention to the audience. 

#17 - Planting the Seed of Opportunity

Ever feel regret for not taking action? 🙋🏻‍♂️Yeah, me too...

Uncover wisdom from a Chinese proverb and enjoy the benefits of starting now.

#15 - Go Further, Go Together

An African proverb teaches us why leaders should focus on the team over the self.


Apply this lesson to your storytelling to elevate your leadership impact.

#13 - Leading with Resilience: The Bamboo Mindset

This Japanese proverb will open your eyes with wisdom. The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists. We can be like the oak and try to resist the change. Or we can adapt to these situations like the bamboo.

#11 - Gaining Wisdom Through Observation

I discovered a famous Persian proverb that deeply resonated with me: 

Adab AZ KE Amokhti? AZ Bi Adaban

English Translation: How did you learn to be polite? I learned it from impolite people!

#9 - Leading with Heart

A story without emotion lacks depth, the same as a journey without a destination. A story stripped of emotion leaves its audience wandering through a narrative wilderness, unable to connect, empathize, or fully engage. Infusing emotion into your stories elevates your leadership abilities.

#7 - Navigating the Information Overload

In today's fast-paced world, we're bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information from various sources. As leaders, it's crucial to recognize and address this challenge for the growth and cohesion of our teams.

#5 - Not All Stories Have Happy Endings

Most people associate stories with happy endings. Life is not always perfect or easy. It is a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs. The true value of leadership storytelling lies in the message it conveys to the audience.

#3 - Embracing Authenticity

Authenticity makes or breaks you as a leader. Expressing your true authentic self, through words, action and character, is like a magnet that attracts others to your presence.

#1 - Communicate for Impact

In business settings, the purpose of storytelling is to communicate value. This value could be a solution to your customer's pain points or advice to guide and inspire teams.

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