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interactive motivational workshop


An Immersive Leadership Experience 

Leadership storytelling is your greatest hidden communication superpower. This transformative workshop provides participants with a life-changing opportunity to learn and develop career-building storytelling skills that fast-track leadership and professional growth.

public seminar

Workshop Formats:

  • Half-day sessions (4 hours)

  • Full-day session (8 hours)

  • Two-day sessions (8 hours x 2 days)


Workshops may be customized to meet your needs. Please contact David for more details at

Workshop Highlights:

  • Essential storytelling skills - Learn 5 essential skills for effectively communicating impact and meaning.

  • Skill development exercises - Practice and develop your storytelling skills through hands-on exercises.

  • Storytelling structure - Understand the key elements of a leadership story and why it matters.

  • Story mapping - Follow a scalable process for documenting and reflecting on the meaning behind your life-changing moments.

  • Storytelling delivery - Refine your storytelling delivery, combining vocal variety with body language and other soft skills.

  • Breakout sessions - Engage, support, and grow with your peers throughout the workshop.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Speak confidently in public by knowing and owning your story.

  • Discover your unique voice and embrace your authenticity.

  • Influence and empower your audience to action.

  • Kickstart your career advancement with career-defining skills.

  • Learn how to connect and build trust with your audience at a deeper level.


Participants Include:

  • Students

  • Administrators

  • Rising professionals

  • Product Managers & Engineers

  • Sales & Marketing 

  • Executives & CxOs


Recent Clients:

  • Amazon

  • Google

  • Meta

  • Microsoft

  • Samsung

  • Stryker

  • UC Berkeley

  • USC

Testimonials from Past Participants:

"An amazing experience."

"I'm a completely different person." 

"Shoulder have done this sooner."

"Easy and effective process."

"Telling a story is definitely an art. This workshop opened my eyes."

Interested in a storytelling workshop?

Gift your teams the life-changing superpower of leadership storytelling. Get in touch to learn how this rewarding leadership skill can help drive connection, communication, collaboration, and innovation.

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