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Meet Your Coach -
David Ghodsizadeh

Very young and struggling with a language disability, it was hard for me to form complete sentences let alone being able to articulate any substantive thoughts. Speech therapy and persistence turned my life around, so much that I became proficient in speaking various languages from high school and beyond. I never imagined that I would grow up to fall in love with public speaking and coaching leadership storytelling. I am living proof that anyone can turn a weakness into a strength. You first need to believe in yourself.


For 10+ years I have witnessed the impact of storytelling in my marketing career, from tech startups to Fortune 100 companies. It continues to touch countless areas of my personal and professional life.


Areas of impact:

  • Standing out in competitive job searches

  • Delivering memorable keynotes in front of 500+ people

  • Persuading audiences to adopt a new point of view

  • Leading and empowering teams through change

David Ghodsizadeh, founder and storytelling coach at Storytelling 4 Success

I perfected the art of leadership storytelling and received coaching from the world's top storytellers in the academic and professional worlds.


My approach is straightforward. By providing clear direction on storytelling content, structure, and delivery, participants learn this leadership skill more efficiently and apply it in various real-world scenarios. 

Coaching Objectives:

  1. To teach you the essential skills behind authentic leadership storytelling, so that you can inspire, motivate, persuade, and touch audiences.

  2. To develop and polish your leadership storytelling presence and delivery skills.

  3. To teach you a scalable way to document core elements of your leadership stories.

  4. To highlight situations where leadership storytelling is relevant and beneficial to your professional career.

Storytelling is an invaluable skill for:

  • University students

  • Recent graduates

  • Aspiring leaders

  • Early-career professionals

  • Mid-career professionals

  • Late-career professionals

My coaching clients are represented across major industries including Biomedical, Technology, Consulting, Education, Software, Financial services, and more.

Leadership Storytelling 101

Leadership storytelling is:

  • A method of delivering personal stories

  • Used to convey leadership lessons

  • A way to describe empathy, courage, belief, etc 

Before delivering a story, you will follow a process:

  1. Define your unique leadership qualities

  2. Analyze the meaning behind your experiences

  3. Connect your message to the audience's needs

Storytelling Skills are in High Demand

McKinsey & Company reported that storytelling is a 'foundational skill' for CEOs and leaders this decade.


Through my coaching, you will know how to effectively leverage your stories to connect, motivate, and persuade audiences.


Not sure how to start?

Not sure which story to tell?

Not sure why you would share your story?

I will help you answer these questions and more!

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