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Meet Your Coach -
David Ghodsizadeh

​My childhood is anything but easy. I face what feels like impossible challenges as a kid, the most notable is battling a language disability that makes even simple thoughts feel like complex challenges. Through unwavering determination, hundreds of hours of speech therapy, and my parent's unconditional support I finally overcome this obstacle. Little do I know that this journey would lead me to discover a passion for learning languages (Spanish and Korean), sharing my leadership stories with others, and then teach professionals how to unlock the power of their stories. Anything is possible when one refuses to give up. I'm proof that anyone can turn their vulnerabilities into strengths.

At first, I am afraid to share my story. I thought nobody would care enough to listen. It wouldn’t make a difference. They’ll judge me. I had to break free from these thoughts and embrace the uncomfortable feeling that comes when you do something that scares you. I spent months working with the world’s top storytelling coaches. I started to believe that my story matters and that my message could change someone’s life. For 10 years, storytelling has left a mark on my personal and professional life:


  • Generating $5+ Billion in revenue during my career

  • Getting hired at multiple companies

  • Being promoted up to the executive level

  • Developing leadership skills to connect and build trust with anyone.

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Everyone has a story to tell but few know how to tell it. I will unlock this hidden superpower inside you. I simplify the art of leadership storytelling by coaching clients on three key pillars: content, structure, and delivery.  


My vision is that each and every person understands the power of their story and can make a difference in the world using this superpower.


My coaching clients are represented across major industries including Biomedical, Technology, Electronics, Consulting, Education, Software, Financial services, and more.

Coaching Outcomes:

  1. You’ll learn the essentials of storytelling: content, structure, and delivery

  2. You’ll become confident delivering your story to different audiences.

  3. You’ll understand the power of your story and your message.

  4. You’ll know which story to tell depending on the audience and situation.

Storytelling is the best life and career investment for:

  • Students from K-12 to undergraduate and graduate levels

  • Entry-level employees to C-suite professionals

  • Technical and non-technical professionals

  • Native English speakers and non-native English speakers

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