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Storytelling That Transforms Your Business

Breathe life into your organization through the power of leadership storytelling. 

There are a handful of business settings where you could apply leadership storytelling. The main use cases are at team gatherings, external meetings, all-hands meetings, and one-to-ones (1:1s).

Public speaker in the workplace

Team Gatherings

Team gatherings are a perfect opportunity for speakers to deliver a purposeful leadership story to the audience. Depending on the need, the leadership story could be a speaker's opportunity to inspire and motivate others. It could also connect to a particular discussion topic or area of concern raised by team members.


External Meetings

Effective leadership stories can be a powerful tool to convey certain messages to your external partners, suppliers, or customers. Storytelling is useful for building rapport with these stakeholders, along with persuading or influencing their decision-making.


All-hands Meetings

At all-hands meetings, company leadership shares guidance and direction with their colleagues. Leadership storytelling could be used to inspire and motivate teams through change or turbulent business conditions. By doing so, the speakers are more approachable to the audience, building an environment of openness, teamwork, and connection.


One-to-one Meetings

Leadership storytelling used during 1:1s is more intimate as the conversation is between two people as opposed to a larger group.


Managers could employ storytelling to provide guidance or direction to their reports, building additional rapport and trust. As more of this goodwill is created, teams will be more "in sync" and motivated to collaborate and perform optimally.


Alternatively, employees could build stronger 1:1 relationships with colleagues and executives using effective leadership storytelling.

Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Leadership storytelling can be a powerful superpower to help you and your peers connect, communicate, collaborate, and innovate. Get in touch to learn more about this rewarding leadership skill.

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