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  • Can I improve my public speaking through storytelling?
    Absolutely! With more practice, you will gain confidence and grow, personally and professionally. I've witnessed clients who transformed from being scared about public speaking to becoming storytelling masters after coaching.
  • When do most career professionals seek out professional storytelling?
    Typically, storytelling skills are developed further along in a person's career when taking more management-level positions. It is wise to start earlier so that these skills can later be fine-tuned for maximum benefit.
  • What job functions would benefit from leadership storytelling?
    Leadership storytelling is beneficial for all career professionals. Engineering, Product Management, and Sales & Marketing are the most ideal candidates based on their job responsibilities.
  • What makes you different from other coaches?
    My approach is built on personal storytelling, which enables a deeper emotional connection to your audience. This allows optimal success, dependent upon the storytelling application. My programs are specifically designed for maximum benefit through 1:1 coaching. You will not share time with a larger group.
  • What about confidentiality?
    Personal storytelling involves opening oneself to others and being vulnerable. What we discuss in our sessions stays in our sessions. I fully understand the value of your trust, and I take every precaution to safeguard it.
  • Why should executives use leadership storytelling?
    Leadership storytelling is a must-have skill for executives. Employees look to executives for strategic direction and guidance, and leadership storytelling provides a platform for executives to connect and build trust with their teams. By sharing personal leadership stories, executives better connect with audiences at a deeper level to boost confidence and inspire action.
  • How useful is storytelling for students?
    Leadership storytelling is an invaluable career-building skill that pays for itself. Knowing how to connect to the audience is something that most professionals wish they mastered earlier.
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