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Speaker in front of a crowd

Deliver Impactful Stories in Public Venues

Leadership Storytelling in
Public Speaking

Public speaking venues are the most common application of leadership storytelling, especially at keynotes, panel discussions, and public ceremonies.

Keynote Presentations

Speakers often deliver leadership stories when opening up their keynote presentations, connecting their message back to the theme of the conference or talk. It could also be used to emphasize certain points during the talk or finish the talk with a memorable story.


Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are effective ways to convey leadership stories since speakers will provide their own perspectives on a variety of topics. The particular delivery of the stories may change based on the setting, however, the speaker would have a valuable opportunity to persuade and better connect with the audience through a leadership story.


Public Ceremonies

Guest speakers at graduation ceremonies scatter leadership stories throughout their talk as a way to inspire and motivate the audience. The best way for a speaker to connect and share wisdom with an audience full of strangers is for the speaker to share a piece of their life story with the crowd. By opening up their heart and mind to the audience, they will do the same in return.

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