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Now Available: Immersive Online Storytelling Course

Last month, I unveiled my first online storytelling course designed to teach career-driven professionals essential storytelling skills for use in the workplace. This immersive course provides an efficient, affordable solution for participants to advance their leadership skills and learn at their own pace.

What Will You Learn By Taking This Course? You will: 

  1. Cultivate the essential skills for authentic leadership storytelling, unlocking g your ability to inspire and connect with others.

  2. Master an effective method to document story content and themes, ensuring your narratives resonate with impact.

  3. Practice a scalable process for delivering compelling leadership stories in the workplace, empowering you to influence, lead, and make a meaningful impression.

Course participants benefit in multiple ways including:

  • Amplifying Your Impact: Gain a deep understanding of the impact of storytelling in professional settings.

  • Crafting Compelling Narratives: Learn the art of crafting captivating narratives that capture attention, hold interest, and leave a meaningful impression.

  • Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills: Harness the power of storytelling to enhance your communication and leadership abilities. 

  • Developing Your Authentic Voice: Discover your unique storytelling voice and build more confidence to share your stories authentically.

  • Overcoming Challenges and Refining Storytelling Skills: Address common challenges that arise in public speaking and practice exercises to overcome them.

By taking this online storytelling course, you will learn how to reflect on your own experiences, extract meaningful lessons, and craft leadership stories that inspire audiences to take desired action.

Course participants receive lifetime access (worth thousands $$$) to:

  • Comprehensive course materials (20+ pages)

  • 7 modules and over 60 minutes of content

  • Storytelling mapping and delivery templates

  • Multiple exercises to develop storytelling skills

Continue reading to learn more about the different sections of the online storytelling course.

storytelling course guide

Essential Storytelling Skillset

Explore the importance of leadership presence and discover the five essential storytelling skills needed to communicate impact and meaning effectively.

Skill Development Exercises

Engage in a variety of exercises designed to develop and refine each storytelling skill, with detailed oral and visual instructions and a self-reflection guide.

Storytelling Structure

Understand the fundamental structure of storytelling, emphasizing the significance of a beginning, middle, and end, and learn the SOFA acronym to enhance story cohesion.

Storytelling Mapping

Learn the process of mapping experiences to extract valuable lessons, including reflection exercises and a visual mapping exercise to document and organize stories.

Storytelling Delivery Template

Discover various leadership storytelling themes, gain insights into documenting stories, and practice filling out a delivery template for effective storytelling.

Storytelling Delivery

Explore your unique delivery styles, understand storytelling delivery in business settings, engage in visualization exercises, integrate storytelling skills into delivery, and learn techniques for impactful and concise storytelling.

Storytelling Resources

Access a wealth of additional resources, including video materials, helpful articles and blogs, and books to further support and enhance your storytelling journey.

David Ghodsizadeh is the founder and storytelling coach at Storytelling 4 Success.


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