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Now Available: On-demand Storytelling Course

Last month, I unveiled my first on-demand storytelling course designed for technical professionals to develop essential skills for business storytelling. It provides an efficient, affordable solution for participants to advance their leadership skills and learn at their own pace.

Objectives of the course include:

  • Introduce the essential skills behind authentic leadership storytelling

  • Share a proven methodology for delivering leadership stories in business settings

  • Teach participants a scalable way to document core elements of their leadership stories

Course participants receive lifetime access (worth thousands $$$) to:

  • Comprehensive course materials (20+ pages)

  • 9 videos and 80+ minutes of content

  • Storytelling mapping and delivery templates

  • Exercises to develop storytelling skills

Continue reading to learn more about the different sections in the course.

Essential Storytelling Skillset

This chapter covers the importance of leadership presence in the business world. Uncover the 5 essential leadership skills to develop. Learn what factors are important when communicating meaning to others.

Donut chart highlighting that most of impact when communicating meaning comes from facial expressions.
Graphic of how we communicate meaning

Skill Development Exercises

After grasping the essential storytelling skills, you will perform a series of exercises to build each of the skills. Follow along with the materials and watch the recording as needed. Take some time to reflect on the journey and document what is working using the attached documents.

Storytelling Structure

Learn about the acronym I use to remember the key elements of storytelling structure (SOFA). For a story to be complete and easy to follow, it must contain a beginning, middle, and end. Typically, stories follow a certain structure, but there may be cases where they may not follow a chronological order.

Storytelling mapping and delivery templates
Storytelling mapping and delivery templates

Storytelling Map Exercise

This exercise is designed to guide learners as they document key points in their life. By filling out a separate template, participants will be able to understand significant turning points and inflection points. This content will then be used in the next section: storytelling delivery.

Storytelling Delivery Template

Extract key details from the storytelling map exercise to form your leadership stories. Answer key questions about your experiences to categorize them into themes. Document the stories in a scalable template.

Storytelling Delivery

This course helps prepare participants for a formal storytelling delivery in business settings, although there may be cases where an informal style is necessary. Learn about my efficient process for cutting down stories with essential details for maximum impact on your audience.

Storytelling Resources

Leverage additional resources to aid in your storytelling skill development. Learn about different videos, books, and articles from world-class storytellers and teachers.

Through this course, you will learn how to reflect on your own experiences, extract meaningful lessons, and craft leadership stories that inspire audiences to take desired action.

David Ghodsizadeh is founder and storytelling coach at Storytelling 4 Success.

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