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3 Predictions: What’s Next for Storytelling in 2023

Storytelling has been around for thousands of years, beginning with the cavemen days. As it continues to evolve, its relevancy has never been more important to our lives. Where does it go from here?

Here are 3 predictions for what will happen to storytelling in 2023.

Child wearing VR headset

The Year of Digital Storytelling

Digital transformation is growing exponentially, and its usage is expanding to nearly every industry segment from medicine to transportation. People tend to think that storytelling is about words. However, most of the impact delivered through communication doesn’t come from the words themselves but from other factors including facial expressions and paralinguistics (how we say the words).

2023 will be an inflection point in digital storytelling methods, whether that is through video, imagery, or other graphical representations. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could become the next wave of disruptive storytelling vehicles in the next decade.

This increasing digitization trend is driven by methods that impact the audience and influence them into action, which is a major reason why videos are engaging to certain viewing populations (primarily Millennials and Gen Z) and shareable with family and friends.

Data presented in graphs

Growing AI Data Storytelling

There is endless data in the world, and it has gotten to a point where it is just noise. By itself, data is meaningless to the audience without context. It matters how you connect the dots between different things and tell a relevant story to the audience.

For the past decade, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other companies have been driving their profits by making sense of their real-time data and connecting the dots for consumers. That is why consumers are spending more than ever on Amazon with highly relevant product suggestions powered by artificial intelligence.

With further advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies will implement more automation regarding storytelling through data.

More Dedicated Storytelling Jobs

For many years, storytelling has been a part-time responsibility for several marketing job functions, including product marketing and communications.

As more companies understand the impact of storytelling on their bottom line, there will be a surge in dedicated jobs for corporate storytelling, ranging from the working level up to the C-suite.

Search for Corporate Storytelling roles the next time you browse LinkedIn or any job portal and you'll see what I mean.

David Ghodsizadeh is the founder and storytelling coach at Storytelling 4 Success.


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